Interchange PLUS or Interchange PASS THROUGH pricing is just that.

Normally reserved for large merchants only,  we are now offering interchange pass through pricing for all merchants large and small.

The  “Plus” is all you pay and its 100% clear with no extra’s unlike other companies.

We only charge you the exact interchange (which will be exactly same with any processing company you use) and an agreed percentage on top!

Interchange Plus Pricing is the only transparent pricing in the industry and by far the fairest.

Depending on volume, ticket size and the way in which you are taking transactions we will work out the best possible pricing structure for your business large or small.  Most importantly you will have VERY LOW rates and pricing you actually understand.

If you already have a merchant account we offer a free consultation, price review and an apple’s to apple’s proposal that your rep will explain in detail.

Industry Comparison Chart

Rates offered below are based on a business doing $50,000 or less in volume and may vary.

Services Competition
Discount Rates
Rates as Low as 0.35%
Rates as high at 4.5%
Transaction Fee
Rates as Low as $0.15
Rates of $0.25-$0.35
Batch Fee
Rates as Low as $0.10
$0.20 to $0.30 cents
Chargeback Fee
Statement Fee
$5 to $15 per month
Setup Fee
Online Reporting
$15 to $25
Annual Fee
Average $79.00
Support Fee
$12-$20 per month
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My company switched to BAMS for our payment needs about 6 months ago. Over the past two decades I have worked with various merchant services for several different businesses. Bar none, BAMS is the best. Through every step, their service has been stellar. From ease of setup, integration, cost & processing rates, online account, individual care and communication with our direct contact Anthony Robb, as well as the care and attention provided by the customer service line. I highly recommen…
Denice L. Zayas, Director of Operations at Wooster St. Social Club